QUO on The Woods "The Oasis" Prix Fixe menu

QUO is very honored to be part The Wood's initiative in embracing "holistic drinking" at their newly launched Prix Fixe menu -

"The Oasis".

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The Woods:

Quohk Coconut Water Kefir The WoodsThis cocktail and bites pairing experience highlights the earliest application of alcohol– to heal. As much of an oxymoron as it is in today’s era, early pharmacies and apothecaries utilized spirits for their medicinal and restorative properties. Spirits were considered the most effective medium of delivering remedial properties of plants into the bloodstream – from gin tonics used to prevent malaria to bitters used to promote gut health. With this as inspiration, The Woods' new four-course menu incorporates a number of nutritious superfoods into cocktails to fuel the mind, body, and spirit (pun intended).

As with all The Woods’ Prix Fixe experiences, guests are seated along the Long Bar – this time set with a custom-made river of basins dotted with floating tea lights. Interactive elements include a choice of hot or cold stone application, and droppers of essential oils… for the cocktails! The menu will feature nutrient-rich Chia seeds, energy-enhancing Maca powder, antioxidant-packed Açaí berry juice, and immune-boosting Chlorella. The Woods will also be collaborating with popular local health food brands Taboocha – for Hong Kong-brewed Kombucha, and Quo – for handmade coconut Kefir. All three courses of cocktails will be paired with contemporary bites of raw, all-vegetarian sushis.