Gingerbread QUOokie - RMHC Charity Edition

QUOnola + QUO Gingerbread spices = Gingerbread QUOokie!
This special gluten-free gingerbread QUOokie was first created for the Ronald MacDonald House Charities HK 20th Anniversary gala on October 30th, 2016. We made 500 QUOokies, one for each individual guest who attended the gala.

Just over night, we have been getting inquiries for orders. So we have decided to make more of these limited edition QUOokies and sell them at our store for a couple more weeks to extend our support.


We will donate HK$5 to RMHC for each bag that is sold.

Place your order now to join us in supporting this great cause!


Thank you. <3



Team QUO