Quo "Chosen" to be featured in Bali!

In the first week of July, Quo was honored to be featured at Chōsen Chef, Josh Davies' master cooking class at Chōsen Experience - Lifestyle Optimization with Olympian Michael Klim

We were more than grateful to be introduced as part of the all-natural, high-quality, fermented foods that should be integrated into your daily diet to establish a solid comprehensive profile of GOOD GUT BACTERIA. 

Why we're so excited to be part of this Experience? Because this Chōsen program is based on the latest research and medical science, and designed by their group of life-optimization experts, including Olympic athletes, wellness doctors, nutritionists, strength and conditioning experts, and professional coaches. It was a truly unique Experience a unique opportunity to live like an Olympian!

Being endorsed by a group that only chooses the best, we are so very grateful for this opportunity. Thank you Chōsen team, and all the wonderful participants (now alumni)! For those of you based in HK, please feel free to contact us for your QUO goodies! 

For those of you who haven't heard of Chōsen Experiences, you got to check them out NOW! 


Team QUO