4-week MEGA QUOlixir Plan (6 QUOlixirs per week)


The 4-week MEGA QUOlixir plan provides you with 6 bottles of probiotics-packed QUOlixir every week for 4 weeks.  It saves you time from placing weekly orders!


Each bottle is 330ml. You are purchasing a total of 24 QUOlixirs, with 6 QUOlixirs delivered to you each week for a total of 4 weeks.

young coconut water,
filtered water,
water kefir grains


Please help us reduce the use of plastics by opting for glass bottles/containers.  We ask you to return the glass bottles/containers to us on your next delivery so we can reuse them.  Thank you!


QUOlixir is ALIVE! 
Please keep our products refrigerated.  Fermentation will continue until the products are consumed, as live culture is in each product. Flavors may vary due to the nature of the raw products and fermentation process. 


QUOlixir naturally has no added sugar, no dairy, no preservatives. It is gluten-free.