QUO Team



QUO is created by Angelika, Hedy, Karen, Rick and Vanessa - five energetic and positive close friends who share the same goal to improve their well-being.  


They love keeping active through Crossfit, pilates, triathlons, art walks, hikes, adventure travels, swims and yoga. Maintaining this lifestyle requires discipline, to make a conscious effort to replenish the body daily with the right nutrients to protect and repair.  They believe kefir is one important ingredient to achieve a healthy gut, which is the foundation to this holistic approach to nutrition and wellness.  With this belief came QUO, providing an option for all-natural, high-quality, fresh source of probiotic through real food, in order to share what they have found to be an absolutely essential ingredient to nourish an active body and mind.  

Angelika: Through this project, I have learnt to appreciate the beauty of science in which good living microorganisms grow from the fermentation of kefir into our products. Time is an intangible and incredible ingredient in the production process that urges me to rethink our food culture and the new potentials of healthy living. This is a small step we are making to share and promote wellness, food consciousness and love with the people around us. 

Hedy: I have a passion for experimenting new recipes of food and cocktails. QUOlixir coconut water kefir and QUOgurt are so versatile which can be easily transformed into or blended with different ingredients to orchestrate new sensorial experience! It’s time to start and create your own recipes and share with us on our page. Buon appetito e salute!

Karen: My obsession on gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free products stemmed from my son's allergies at a very young age.  Coconut kefir products served as a probiotic base for me to create delicious ice pops and yogurts that my son obsesses over, with noticeable improvements ever since I started him on kefir.

Rick: Eating for a better way of life is more important than ever and being involved in providing a super healthy food gives me great pleasure. Dealing with only natural fresh ingredients on a weekly basis can be tricky but is truly satisfying knowing the end product is going to greatly benefit the consumer.

Vanessa: My fondness for natural handmade superfoods began with my love for nature, design, and biology.  This becomes a living passion that complements my active lifestyle.  I enjoy experimenting with local ingredients, sharing innovative beautiful superfoods with my loved ones.  My coconut kefir creations became quite the hit!