Coconut Water Kefir QUO FAQ



How many days in advance should I order my QUO products?

We kindly ask you to place your order by 7pm Sunday for Wednesday delivery/pickup. For example, if you placed your order at 1pm on March 22, your products would be ready for delivery/pickup on March 25.  If your order were placed after the 7pm deadline, your products would be ready the following Wednesday, April 1.  Delivery (1100hrs - 1800hrs) and pickup (1300hrs - 1730hrs) is every Wednesday unless it is a statutory holiday.

How much kefir should I take?

We usually recommend you take one kefir product a day, whether it be one QUOlixir or one QUOgurt.  Keep in mind your body will need time to adjust to the introduction of a new product, so start slowly by taking half a bottle of Quolixir daily.  Once your body has become accustomed to it, increase it to one bottle per day.

Do QUOlixir and QUOgurt contain added sugar?


What should QUOlixir taste like?

QUOlixir will generally have a tart or sour taste to it and will also be slightly carbonated (fizzy).  This is due to the fermentation process. The drink is continuously fermenting so the longer you keep the beverage in storage before consuming, the more tart it becomes. This is normal and not harmful.  

What should QUOgurt taste like?

QUOgurt can also have a tart taste to it, a bit like Greek yogurt due to the fermentation process. Again the longer you keep in storage before consumption, the more tart it will taste.  

I'm lactose intolerant, can I consume QUOlixir and QUOgurt?

YES! QUO probiotic kefir products are lactose-free / dairy-free.